Friday, June 13, 2008


My Most Wonderful and Awesome Family, Friends and Colleagues,

Again you have all caught me speechless... with your love, prayers, cards, letters, flowers, gifts, meals, treats and just AMAZING support....there truly are not enough words to thank you I'll share the FANTASTIC news!!!

Woohoo to borrow an advertising phrase...but it's the cleanest one I can use that fits. The 3 most "Treacherous" stages of Beating the Beast are OVER!!!

I have Just completed 37 Consecutive Radiation Treatments over 7 and 1/2weeks (Daily weekends off for good behaviour or really to allow the Radiation Frying to "cool down" big smile)

My Phase III Radiation Therapy and the Angels of Tower Radiation

from Murnia who took care of my car everyday
to Greg and Jane who greeted me with a smile and juggled appts, temperamental equipment and all that can go with awesome "hi tech"...

and of course Dr. Christopher Rose my Radiation Oncologist who plotted the strategy for my treatments, Dr. Henry Yampolsky who pinch hit for Dr. Rose with some natural skin treatments,
to Nurse Andrea, Dr. Rose's eyes and ears, fresh from a transfer from Atlanta and a "shoe fanatic" like me, watched as I over achieved with that "fair skin of mine" and kept me laughing , Jennifer, with a beautiful smile and always a warm blanket in hand, Marilyn Dr. Botnick assistant there always with a tip or trick,
Radiation Experts, Suzanne who kept the music going at the same time doing her tasks with precision and yet another beautiful smile.
Zena wish I had a photo as she is truly one of the smallest pregnant ladies I ever met wishing her much luck.
Michael the family man who thank god knew what an "E ticket" was big smile and Howardwho had no idea what Michael and I were speaking about as far as "E tickets"....he is to young but very smart in his field thank God.
Nutritionist Jodi who is helping me lose the weight that Chemo and the Steroid's help to pack on even though I was Nauseous good news is I'm down 15 lbs good eating and a little bit of the new Wii Fit... and then last but not least Ms. Tracy the lady from NYC who well seems to be everywhere at once and knows the right places to get great shades.....

The Radiation Process starts a week before you actually get "radiated"...Beginning with an Intricate 3D Image Scan, making me feel like I was literally in one of my "Virtual Reality Projects" this is done so that they can Specifically target the radiation first my entire "Breast only", as they say leaving "other vital organs alone"... I thought that was a good thing big smile...
Then they map coordinates ... so they can do a series of "blasts" of radiation to the place where the Tumor used to be...called a "Boost"....

Once this Scan is complete and Dr. Rose and Mike decide I'm all "lined up" ... here it comes something I thought I would never say....
I got 3 Tattoos!!!...all be it only 3 small pin points...they are tattoos...Okay this is NOT a painless process even making me think my friends who get tattoo's really truly have a "masochistic" side to them...but "Tats" will forever remind me I beat the beast...

Anyway...for treating the Cancers it's crucial as back to Animation and VR you have to "line the tat dots' up each time the same way...
At the same time I'm getting my "Tats" I am also laying on a kind of material that they push air and stuff into that molds to your own personal body and then hardens...So that again when I come in for my daily treatment's I'm all lined up" missing those "vital organs" and hopefully only frying my skin where needed...

Radiation was a lot easier than Chemo in many ways and well in other a bit more "frustrating"...many of the nasty side effects departed...a few new ones came about...Like the reason it's taken so long to get this blog done, get the web site up etc...Cause....My Nails are falling out as "they grow out" it's a painful and very ugly experience my nails ALWAYS look dirty ugh .....things could be way worse big smile.. ..I've been told my nails are like a tree as the chemicals leave my body my nails grow out....and I'm hoping I'm close to being a mature tree with new leaves big smile....

Who knew you could get Athletes foot "under your breasts"...and well there was no Tall Dark and Handsome Athlete involved at all..Not Fair...

Just put some Udder S"Moo"th Cream (the recommended cream to use and now I'm a cow) combined with the radiation and a general fungus that grows on every ones body little moisture pocket under the breast and well...oh joy..."Athletes Foot" a whole new "light"...LOL

Good news is now that radiation is over the "fungus" is gone...I also believe the fact that I got to go back to Tea Tree Oil and a new ointment Dr. Yompolsky recommended Calendula Ointment...right up there with Arnicare and the Tea Tree Oil another "Natural" remedy I have found in the journey....and left the "Moo" Cream to the Cows...but it does work great for some like beautiful Maria...

One of the most amazing wonderful things happened just as I began radiation...I met a wonderful new friend Maria and her lovely husband Jeff.
Maria actually was introduced to me by Laura the owner of our wonderful neighborhood Dry Cleaning Boutique....and well let's just say on my first day of radiation I walked in to this beautiful ray of sunshine Ms. Maria who was 2weeks ahead of me and our appts were 15 minutes apart...needless to say we are "Bosom Buddies" sharing many of the same symptoms...and Zip Code...

The FATIGUE is well REALLY frustrating and at times a bit overwhelming...and it's still here...Great news is it's getting better everyday....but afraid it's the curse that also comes with my next treatment as well....oh least the Hair is coming back...

I did learn my lesson to "take it easy" the day I drove and fell asleep at a stop light...thank GOD waking quickly by the horn blasting behind me...I have become very careful how hard I "push" cause I for sure don't wanna hurt someone else being "silly"

Which meant Mon & Tues and sometimes Weds I was good to have my "radiate" treatment and "do" lunch in the area"...and by Thurs and Friday...just making it to my treatment and home was enough for the day....

Great news I got to see some of my friends for lunch and feel well a little "normal"..however "routine" a daily 11am appointment that took from 15minutes to an Hour and 15 depending upon "the day"...and how many Drs & Nurses had to check out all my fun skin issues...

However I was blessed to be able to attend Embers 16th Birthday party...Ember is the little girl we met at the Kid Save "Every Child Needs a Family" Luncheon last August...and well let's just say my dear friend Sue became Embers' advocate and Ember now has a new potential adopative family (Once all the Paper B.S. is out of the way)....It's wonderful when it works...we also got to celebrate Sue's 50th prior to Ember moving to New Hampshire with her new family this summer.

On May 14th 2008 2 weeks prior to my ending of treatment I Became an AUNT!!!!!

My Sister Kate and Her Husband Alex had a Healthy Happy Baby Girl Beatriz Larkin Brodsky
How cute is she...YES I am VERY prejudice...but she is cute...

So I have gotten the all clear to take a quick break to NYC to meet Ms. Beatriz before I get to start "Phase IV".... "aromatase inhibitor" a pill we're going to try that helps to keep the cancer away ....but I've got a month to start and research some more....woohooo...

I am over the moon excited besides getting to meet Ms Beatriz the star of the show....I've even managed to get a couple of possible business projects in NYC that have "longer term deadlines".

I wish I could see everyone and really "do NYC like the "ole days" But....I'm slowly coming back to normal...slowly, balanced and better than ever...and hopefully by the time I'm able to really get back to normal Fred & Suz's NYC apartment will be done and maybe I'll get a fold out...big smile...and Ms. Beatriz will like her new Auntie Linda....and I do a few will be better than Normal...

Now that those "big makers" in Beating the Beast...Surgery's, Chemo, Radiation are done...did I mention that my awesome Oncologist Dr. Philomena McAnderew as a parting gift for doing so well asked me to get a never ends...pun intended....going to be so easy comparitively....LOL...

VERY Seriously I again can NOT thank each and EVERYONE , my family, friends, colleagues and the AWESOME Doctors and Medical Staffs and my Fantastic brother for getting me through this with such expertise, care compassion, empathy, understanding, prayers and love. I can only try and thank you by, trying to do well while doing good...and pay it forward...

Hopefully the next time you get a "big email from me" it will be to announce the launching of iDoggiebag Website and the Foundations , and the moving of my blog to

With so much gratitude and love today and everyday. So Blessed I am....

And again I can not go without thanking Steve Jobs and AT&T for my iPhone "Classic" it even worked in parts of the Radiation building...
Well at least Beatriz and I have one thing in common...We're both growing our hair in...:)

Okay click on the image below for more of a "slide show" in video form of the last 8 weeks for those of you who want "more detail" on the journey... or not ...I am not offended...big smile...

To entertain myself and my friends at Tower I decided it was time to pull out all those "Vintage Italian heels" I haven't been able to wear for years... very "Sex and the City" ... since most days all I had to do was walk from the car to the Radiation table and sometimes to a lunch those "4 & 5 inch heel days" remembering those "Glamorous days when I had hair" big on June 1 it was time to do a Samantha and Robin Roberts "shed the wig for good" and go with 15 of my friends to see "Sex and the City" the Movie...and the wigs are now going to be donated.
and I'm off to live a little bit of the movie ...NYC here I come....WooHooo.....and God Bless...
Click to Play Video

Just Arrived NYC....have found a new Love...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

iCancersurvior: Woo Hoo ... Chemo Over

My Most Wonderful Family, Friends and Colleagues,
Woo Hoo...Yippee....

8 Series of Chemos over 16 weeks and about 25 plus visits with the wonderful Angels of Tower Oncology guided by Dr. Philomena McAndrew.
Gratefully the skillful, kind and awesome Dr. Jerrold Steiner took that "darn" port out!
I am finished with "Phase One"... and believe me an awesome milestone.

Good news is no more chemo... bad news is my poor body is trying to recover and it's a "process" with all sorts of "side dishes"... most recent is an infection I got last week... (was one of those Lady ones..."prime raising ingredient for bread they call them")... was NOT fun!!! But apparently "more normal"...oh joy...glad I'm "normal", I just wanna know is when we get back to what I call Normal...Big smile...

Feeling a bit better now, only to battle what seems to be a low grade cold and that nagging fatigue that just does not go away...oh how fun...and I thought this 2 week break between Chemo and Radiation was going to be kind of "Footloose"...oh well...I will have plenty of time to party when I've beaten the beast so I'm going to keep the focus...and try and keep doing as much work (nowhere near as much as I'd like) as I can, cause when I'm done...
I'm really ready to start "living", "working" and "playing" again...

Moving on to "Radiation" the glow in the dark" phase will start this Monday,
8 weeks 5 days a week over with a new group of Angels, related to Tower over at The Center of Radiation Therapy .. Did I mention I also get Tattoos with Radiation...more on my next update...

I must again apologize and hope you can forgive me for those calls and emails that I have just not been able to return I promise I will get there.. HOWEVER I really want each and everyone of you know I can NOT Thank each and everyone of you enough for all of your wonderful cards, letters, emails, flowers and goodies. I truly believe that without you I would not be able to do this...I will be forever grateful, thank you again truly you have all made me feel so very blessed.

Hope the Warm Sun of Spring Shines down upon each and everyone of you.
Much Love

The Most Recent Movie of the events of the past weeks

And Joe Gareri is moving along in his new job in India with some very entertaining photos and videos check out his blog.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

iCancerSurvior Over Half Way There!!!!!

Hello My Dearest Family and Friends,

I can Not Thank You enough for all of your wonderful flowers, gifts, cards, letters, calls, emails, and texts of such awesome good wishes and love – I feel loved and am truly blessed.

I am proud to report I have passed the halfway point in my Chemo marathon. My final two weeks with the "Red Devil" left me feeling like there was an aircraft carrier parked on top of me – I guess that's how the "Red Devil" makes it's exit.

Good news is the aircraft carrier has set sail for another mission. My second half of Chemo has me sidled up to a new drug – Taxol.... The new drug cocktail comes with a whole new set of side effects with a few of the old ones mixed in for “good” measure....good news is there is only a "Taxi" that hit me this time.

The GREAT News is that the side effects are, for the most part, different and a little less harsh. Much like having a long bout with a really bad case of the flu aches and pains...still no hair and now my "fingernails and toenails" Literally "hurt" very weird.
I’ve been having more "up time" - even got a half hour walk in on my good week. At the risk of being guilty of conveying “Too Much Information”, I will say that I have experienced hitherto unexplored dimensions of, how do I say it, heartburn & gas. Volcanic eruptions emit from northern and southern hemispheres with a regularity that would rival Mussolini’s train schedules. Okay, enough of that.

More good news - my biweekly "prick" revealed blood results better than they'd been in months, allowing my Dad to treat me to a great meal at one of my favorite restaurants Pinot Bistro. The extra energy has also enabled me to welcome some of my wonderful friends who have been wanting to stop by but my total lack of energy prevented it.

KC and I made some head way on and will be working with Teri and the awesome ladies of Big Brother Big Sisters Guild to hopefully raise a little money and have some fun at our Accessories for Success Shoping event and Fashion Show (tickets still available)

- more small steps in the long journey.
I can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and I can see it on many fronts!!!

However I say again, there is NO way I would be making it through "beating the beast" without each and everyone of you and your incredible support from my awesome brother and his friends to my mother and father, stepmother, Sister, Aunts Uncles Cousins, friends and business associates. . . Truly BLESSED I am. Thank you...

And the iPhone – well the iPhone is in a category by itself. It’s both a security blanket and a lifeline to the outside world. I owe you Apple. We’ll talk.

I hope to use all this positive energy for some great things to come. In the mean time, Taxol…And I begin interviewing "Radiolation Oncologist" for my radiation treatments following Chemo.

Little Video Slide show of the last few weeks...

I am so grateful for all of caring, talented and professional people at Tower. I’d feel lucky to know any one of them, but to know them all and be the recipient of their care is an incredible privilege. A hat tip this week to Dennisa – who always keeps her eye open for that special spot near a window for me. And Sam, who has helped me adjust to the challenges of Taxol territory, and given that little something extra this week.

I do believe it can go only "Up" from here.

My Dear Friend Joe Gareri and His Wife Karen "a Survivor" are on a "Journey of a lifetime" it is my goal to take them up on the invite to visit.

My other friend Ms. Anna Marie Piersimoni has been going through this at the same time as I she is DONE!!!. Way to many people not to think we might be reaching an "epidemic".

Some Little Things I've learned for those going through this:

1) Tea Tree Oil is my New Best Friend combined with Vitman E, Rub it from head to toe literally. (check 101 Uses for Tea Tree Oil)
2) Arnicare another new friend...during Taxol along with "Joint Juice" rub Arnicare on top of the Tea Tree Oil (does not seem to stain anything either)
3) 10-15 drops of Tea Tree Oil couple of Drops of Lavendar, Lemon Essential Oils with some distilled water acts as a nice hand sanitizer and air freshner.

Monday, December 10, 2007

"iCancer Survivor"

My Dearest Family and Friends,

First Apologies for those who have called and I have not been able to personally get back to... and for those who have found there emails returned...apologies....

It seems the "worst kept secret" is out....and well I am so very very blessed with such Love and concern that I am truly Overwhelmed and know with all you behind me I'm going to beat the beast....

So as the journey unfolds I'm taking a page from another friend of mine going through this and I am going to try and do a Blog so that I can try and keep everyone up to date.

This first Post has taken the help of my other arms my wonderful Brother David, My friend Charlotte,and Ms. KC
Please go to and click on Linda's Blog

Thank you again to each and everyone of you for your prayers, love, support, and general help for the "arm impaired"

With all my Love and Gratitude
P.S....In advance....Please accept my sincere apologies for any chemo brain in any of my postings...

My bartender is a 6’6” Ukrainian hottie and he’s mixing me a cocktail made of Adrimycin, "the red devil", Cytoxan, Aloxi, Dexamethasone – my first chemo cocktail. I’d rather be having a Cosmopolitan.

I was looking to join a club, I forgot to ask God to make it a country club rather than the cancer club. Most of you know I’m in the process of beating stage two breast cancer, and you’ve
overwhelmed me by your many expressions of love and support. In a sense I already feel victorious because I have been blessed with such faithful and wonderful family and friends.

Originally I planned this blog as way to keep you updated on the progress of iDoggiebag Foundation. The mission is still on track, although the progress has slowed a bit and is unfortunately now subject to available energy - chemo induced nausea and fatigue is a definite drag.

So I’ve decided to expand the purpose of my blog to cover not only iDoggiebag, but iCancerSurvivor. I’m hoping that by sharing the details of my personal journey along with the details of my professional one I can include you in my objective to ‘Do well by doing good’.

Flashback three and a half months:

It happens in stages, in slow motion, the way people sometimes describe being in a car accident. First there’s a lump, followed by a diagnostic mammogram, and then the ominous words: ‘You’re going to need a biopsy’.

I opted to skip the needle biopsy and have the lump removed. Regardless of its makeup, it didn’t belong there and I wanted it out. Meet Dr. Jerrold H. Steiner, my surgeon who we both discover used to play poker with my buddies from sports television. In this town, connections are great, but I picked him because he was the one who looked at me and saw hope.

Cedars Sinai Hospital is where I was born and it is where my life will be saved. Dr. Steiner removed a 3cm tumor from my right breast. According to protocol, he also biopsied a portion of my sentinal node. Within 20 minutes the pathology report was in, and my membership was confirmed. Breast cancer. Stage two. I didn’t know how many stages there were, but I knew a two was not as good as a one.

The sentinel node along with ten of its buddies were the targets of my second surgery. Thankfully the cancer hadn’t spread beyond the sentinel node (2cm Tumor removed),
However an infection was discovered in one of the nodes in the process. An infection currently attributed to a cat bite - my beloved Nipper’s last desperate act. (see side bar "The Nipper Story")

A second surgery was at the recommendation of another God-send named Dr. Philomena McAndrew, one of the busiest oncologists in L.A. who made me feel like I was the only person in her world. I know this is not the case because she is the oncologist for my General Practitioner as well as one of my parent’s close friends. Not to mention being the co-founder of Tower Oncology/Hematology. She’s busy, but as her patient, you’d never believe it.

So, what next? The bottom line to my survival: My Chemo schedule. Four months, 3 times over two weeks =32 Trips to what we call "Tower" now. Followed by Radiation every day for a couple months followed by a pill for a period of years.
I’m told, once I start chemo, I must stay on schedule, my survival rate is based on me staying healthy and keeping to schedule.

Before I start, I decide to postpone the nausea until after Thanksgiving. I mean, wouldn’t you?

The following day, I’m sent to get some spots checked out for skin cancer, where I’m hit right between the eyes, literally. Dr. Ralph Massey removed a basil cell skin cancer (I thought it was a zit) from the bridge of my.

Now it's time to get into the "spirt" of the Season before the "new cocktail" wipes it out of me My, Mom and Brother, Mickey, Charlotte Dolly and I make a Tree Decorating Party.

The 13 stitches and bandage were removed just a day before Dr. Massey bid me farewell for my 7-day runaway to New York to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family - all 30 of us an AWESOME time!!!

So, I’m back in L.A. the day before Chemo Party #1 and I go for my ‘passport’- I wish it was the kind that would get me to Italy. But it’s the kind that gets the chemo into your veins in the shape of a tube surgically implanted in my left upper arm and traveling across my chest. It sounds bad enough.
But, the procedure that should have been 45 minutes, took 3 hours. First, they gave me a local. This apparently was not enough because I FELT THE CUT.
So, I’m shrieking in pain with a new awareness of what it feels like to be stabbed in cold blood. They decided to give me another local. I’m thinking, “Just put me under! Put the horse down!” After local #2, I’m still in excruciating pain, sweating and hyperventilating and this Dr. guy couldn’t find my vein. It seemed to squeeze closed in rebellious pain, like a closed fist defending itself. Blood is squirting all over the place as the Dr. guy tried in vain to find the vein (couldn’t resist that one) before he temporarily gives up to go change his smock before he takes another stab. Don’t ask me how I made it through (i thank god had my iphone unfortunately I couldn't reach it to change the song) . All I know is that is what a "passport to Hell" must feel like. I end up with two souvenirs: a horrifying bruise and an ugly bandage that I am not to get wet for two weeks.

To traumatize myself even further, I go home and have all my hair cut off.

I have never had short hair, forget no hair. Still, I’d rather see short hair fall out than long hair. Less mess and less trauma. So I decided to have a hair cutting party at my place right after my ‘passport to hell’. When I go bald, I’m telling people (and myself) that my hair is on vacation in Tahiti.

My long time friend and hair stylist, Kenny, whom I’ve told several times before now, that if he ever cuts my hair short I’m cutting his balls off, stands with sheers in hand। We’re joined by my girlfriends, Toni, Sue and Mary। It doesn’t take long for Kenny to gather the locks which will be donated to a cause for children।

11/29- Chemo party #1 of 32 or my First Day at the Club: My brother, St. David, takes me in. The place where I will be treated at Tower Oncology/Hematology looks like a CNN Newsroom bull pen. I notice lots of people going through the same thing I am. They all face toward the center hub in electric recliner chairs and beds, each sectioned off by a small 3’ wall and its own cart on wheels and IV. In the center is where we find Nurse Angela, Dr. Philomena's right arm and go-between, and my Ukrainian hottie.

I am greeted with the initial intention of everyone trying to calming my nerves, as it must be obvious to passersby that my blood pressure is sky rocketing. I am trying desperately not to see a needle. Some of you reading this may already know that one of my best assets is that I look at a needle and I pass out. Nurses think it’s fun to show me a needle to see if I am going to pass out and I do. I’m OK with blood. It’s the needles that I don’t like. To counteract this state I’m in, I am given a ‘happy drug’ before they bring me to my recliner where I will sit for four hours getting the killer chemo drug Adrimycin and Cytoxin. Both kill my white blood cells along with the cancer. I feel like I’m at a firing squad. David and I talk in between visits from Nurse Angela and others who come over and prepare me for what’s to be expected over the next few days.

They send me off with my parting gifts – a bag ‘o drugs including but not limited to: drugs to calm my nerves, pep me up, stave off nausea, combat the achy feelings, you name it. The steroid they gave me was supposed to have me bouncing off the walls with energy when I got home. But, I went right to sleep. St. David spent the night.

11/30 – Chemo party #2 of 32. Same place. Same time. Different theme. Here, we’re trying to get the poison out of my body as fast as possible - a procedure called ‘hydration’ and we’re trying to rebuild the white blood cells as fast as possible with a drug called ‘neulasta’.

They tell me that 7-10 days after my first treatment, I’m going to have a ‘Nadir’ which is the ‘lowest point’. This feels like the worst flu I’ve ever had, where I ache like nobody’s business in every bone in my body. I know that at the core of bones is the marrow. I can now say I know what my marrow feels like. Neulasta goes right to the marrow to rebuild the white blood cells. Imagine lots of little construction workers with little hammers and nails inside your bones. Still, the ‘passport to hell’ was worse.

11/30 –also A delivery of the oddest looking Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. Into my living room, is rolled the IV tree and supplies for the nurse who will come over the weekend.

12/1 – I have just enough energy to answer the phone। It was my dear friend Carolyn who concluded I was dying and rushed over. She hung out until the nurse came.

Nurse Roger definitely hooked me up. The hydration drip brought me back to life where I could actually sit up.

12/2 – Today, I move from the bed to the couch। Nurse Roger hooks me up again. I find myself eagerly awaiting his arrival like a salivating puppy. Relief. Now I am walking around. My friend Charlotte brings me deli matzo ball chicken noodle soup, and other simple food stuffs like bread, fruit juice and yogurt the only things I can keep down. Nurse Roger shows up three hours later with his daughter Samantha to unhook me.

12/3 – Today, I move from the couch to the bed. Did I mention that you’re not supposed to get sick during chemo? That’s because it is critical to your survival to keep your chemo schedule and if you get sick, you can’t go to chemo. I wake up this morning sick as a dog (something I think I got during my trip to NY). I’m on the phone in a heartbeat to Nurse Angela who arranges for me to get antibiotics on the fly, which Charlotte delivers. I’m in bed all day in and out of sleep. Charlotte waits on me and entertains herself with television – she doesn’t have one and is captivated with basic cable.

12/4 – My friend Mary came over with Odwalla fruit juices I asked her to buy at Ralph’s. Just prior to her arrival, she and the manager of Ralph’s call me to have me explain where the juice is in the store. Mary gets me back on my feet with some "eflorage" – rubbing creams on my feet for an hour. OTT, AWESOME.

12/5 – Thanks to Mary, I make it off the couch and made my own soup. My big event is driving to the bank. Because I’m now an official germ freak, I bring along my ‘essential oil hand sanitizer’ that Charlotte made for me and I spray everything that touches the money.

I also notice that every mailbox is full – voicemail and email. 1000 emails. I’d like to mention the ‘passport from hell’ again. Due to this thing being in my left arm, I can’t lift anything over 10 lbs., not to mention the Boot size Bruise where "said passport is", and in my right arm, lift nothing over 5 lbs. Also, due to a slight case of Lymphoedema, not to much "computer time" and just for grins...I will never be able to draw blood or take my blood pressure from my right arm. Why I mention this here is that, lately I feel like I just don’t have my arms like I used to. Putting this blog up has been a real challenge, not to mention answering emails. To all who are still awaiting my reply, please be patient, I’ll get there and hopefully this will help keep all informed

12/6 Chemo party #3 of 32– After laying down for the better part of the week, my sciatica came back. That’s OK because I have my MBT's, I call them my Manolo Blahnik Traniners... in which I stride to my Chemo #1c appointment. The shoes come in handy as I discover I am an hour late (chemo brain) and have to wait so I am rocking on my shoes back and forth in the waiting room pitching the benefits of the shoes to the other people sitting there watching me.
Henceforth, I decide to make all my appointments at the same time: 11am. I recline as usual in my electric recliner chair to receive the hydration. My nurse for the day, Anne, says regarding my ‘passport to hell’, she hasn’t seen much worse but she’s seen worse. Scary.

12/7 – Since my white blood cells were almost nil at my appointment yesterday and my cold is still lingering and I can’t get sick, like the boy in the plastic bubble, I am put under quarantine for the weekend. But, my dad comes to visit. He brings me my Odwalla which he finds at Gelsons with the help of the manager calling me with my dad to ask where it is.
At the foyer, he dons a surgical mask with his name on it (everyone crossing the threshold will have their own) and douses his hands with the germicide gel I have sitting on my table by the front door.

12/8 & 12/9 – I’m pacing the house. My arms are still having their moments but I see a light at the end of the tunnel for Thursday to go through it all again.

Let me also say along with my Awesome Team of Dr's, Nurses, Family and Friends I truly believe that my iPhone has been playing a key roll in my survival and sanity, it goes with me EVERYWHERE...from Surgical table to Chemo infusions, don't know what I would do without it...thank you Steve Jobs.